May 13, 2018 – Red Rock Canyon and Cactus Joe’s and am I famous?

This was one of these days where my humans decided to go on a trip. I kind of like that as I can get out of the house and see (means smell) different things.
But first thing they did this morning was heaving breakfast. Well, they do have breakfast every morning but this morning they went to the Nugget to have breakfast. They told me it’s Mothers Day and therefore my master took my mistress out for breakfast.
Remember, the Nugget is a Casino in Pahrump and I have been there before with my humans. The Golden Harvest Café is open 24 hours a day.
The waitress at the entrance was a little confused where to seat my humans as I was with them but they told her that a booth would be fine and I would be quiet anyways. How could she know that I am a well behaving dog that travels the world?

My humans ordered their breakfast and I could hear the word “bacon”. I know what bacon is. It is something very yummy, something I hardly ever get and if only a very tiny bit of it. They say it’s not good f…

May 2, 2018 – A car – or is it a bus?

Wow, what a day. It started as a normal day ….

My humans were looking for a car to purchase. They want to go back to Canada by car to be able to make balloons in Timmins. Did I tell you they are balloon artists?
Maybe not, I can’t remember. It will not hurt to tell you again.

A couple of years ago, to be exactly on December 31, 2012, my humans invited some friends for New Years Eve. We’ve been living in Germany then. One of their friends showed up with her new boyfriend. He brought a big bouquet of balloon flowers for my mistress. My humans were thrilled and my master wanted to learn how to do that kind of stuff.
He got a short crash course of how to inflate, tie and twist a balloon. That night my master was dreaming in balloons. His mind got crazy with ideas of what you could do with balloons. My mistress wasn’t too amused as that kept her from sleeping.
Two months later my master went to BAM, Balloon Artist Meeting in Germany. He learned a lot there, all the basics you need to b…

April 24, 2018 – My Birthday

It’s my birthday! I am 8 years old now in human computation of time. That means I am getting old, but I don’t feel old. I feel young and healthy. Maybe I am a little more tired than a couple of years ago but there is so much to experience and see out in the world.

Yesterday my humans took me to the store and got me treats and a new toy. I was allowed to choose the toy and I chose the hedgehog. Well, I already have a hedgehog toy but the squeaker doesn’t work any more and I love making that noise.

These treats are yummy! Sadly I only get just 5-6 a day. They are called Crunchy treats with real mixed berries. You can smell the blueberries in it and my mistress says smelling them makes her hungry.

This morning they hugged me and played with me and showed me how much they love me. It was a hot day. I still have my winter fur that grew in Canada where it was very cold. My mistress brushes me but somehow I don’t loose that fur. Might be because it is cold here in the night.

As it was a …

Thank you for reading my blog - you are awesome, yes you!

I want to thank every single one of you that reads my blog. It's amazing, more than 1,700 people have red my blog so far, from all over the world. Cameroon, South Korea, UK, France, Belgium, Saudia Arabia, Canada, USA, Russia and my home country Germany.
You are awesome. Please let me know what you think of my blog and maybe you would like to introduce yourself or send me pictures so I know who you are. Well, I don't have to send you any pictures of me as you all know me anyways.

April 20, 2018 – Chamber of Commerce

I might have mentioned that my humans are balloon artists. Yes, I know, that’s not very common. They make crazy stuff out of balloons and just a couple of days ago they published software for balloon artists. My master told me that they could create their own designs with that software and show it to their customers because most of the customers don’t have enough imagination to imagine what it would look like. My master did all the coding for this for the last couple of months and my mistress works on the tutorial and other things like websites.
Some call me lucky as my humans work from home, wherever that is in our case, instead of going to an office every day while I had to stay at home all by myself. I assure you, I prefer it the way it is now, being with my humans 24 hours a day.

Sorry, I was side tracked, a bad habit. Back to balloon twisting. My humans have a very project they try to realize. They want to build a Balloon Circus World. I don’t know what a circus is but I was to…

April 13, 2018 – Shopping

If only I would have known my humans wanted to go on a shopping tour I might have stayed at home, or maybe not because I love going shopping.

Today my humans had to make some shopping. First we went to Home Depot. That’s a store where you can get all kind of tools and things you need for construction. My humans looked at the gas grills they offered for sale. They were wandering around for a while until they finally found what they wanted. Off we went to the next stop, CVS. This is a shop where you can purchase your medicine and health care stuff but also dog treats. Unfortunately they only had dog treats I don’t like.
My humans got what they wanted and we went to the next store, Walmart.
I already told you I love Walmart because it smells so good. My humans got me some treats and some other stuff they needed for making dinner that night.

But as they could not get anything they needed we went to Albertsons next. Here you can get food; almost everywhere is food. Awesome, I love this …